7 Secrets of Flowing Hair Dollar Coin


Crafted in 1794, the Flowing Hair Dollar Coin stands as an iconic symbol of early American coinage. Its design, attributed to Robert Scot.


This coin marked the inception of dollar coins in the United States, embodying the aspirations of a young nation.

Historical Significance

The intricate details of Liberty's hair and the majestic eagle reflect the craftsmanship of early American minting.

Design Elements

With only a handful of specimens known to exist, the Flowing Hair Dollar Coin commands attention at auctions and numismatic exhibitions.

Collector's Craze

Legend has it that Martha Washington, the wife of President George Washington, was the model for Liberty's profile on the coin.

Numismatic Lore

As rare coins continue to appreciate in value, owning a piece of numismatic history can yield substantial returns.

Investment Potential

The Flowing Hair Dollar Coin endures as a testament to America's journey through time. Its enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the nation's resilience and ingenuity.

Legacy and Legacy

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