7 Secrets Of Liberty Head Nickel


The Liberty Head Nickel stands as a testament to American coinage innovation. Designed by Charles E. Barber, its debut sparked both admiration and controversy.


The intricate details of Lady Liberty's profile and the majestic numeral "V" (denoting the coin's value) showcase Barber's artistic prowess.

Artistic Elegance

The introduction of the numeral "V" on the reverse sparked public outcry, leading to its alteration due to concerns of fraud.

Racket Over V

Among Liberty Head Nickels, certain rare varieties stand out, such as the elusive 1913 "V Nickel." The pursuit of these rare gems adds an element.

Rare Varieties

Numismatists worldwide are drawn to the Liberty Head Nickel for its historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

Collector's Passion

Beyond its numismatic value, the Liberty Head Nickel symbolizes an era of change and progress in American history.

Intrinsic Value

The mysterious disappearance of the 1913 "V Nickel" from the mint and its subsequent discovery decades later adds an intriguing chapter to the Liberty Head Nickel's saga.

Controversial Disappearance

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