Best of Russian Silver 1801-1805


The tumultuous beginning of Alexander I's rule in 1801, marked by the tragic murder of his father, Paul I, profoundly influenced his decisions.


The Moscow Kremlin hosted Alexander's 1801 coronation, commemorated by a silver jeton and large medals distributed to the public.


Alexander grappled with coinage design choices, ultimately maintaining Paul's precedent of omitting portraits on silver and gold coins.

Design Dilemma

In the backdrop, Alexander navigated geopolitical shifts, reversing Paul's alignment with France, strengthening ties with England.

Political Shifts

The chosen design featured an eagle on the reverse, marking a departure from the mystical themes of Paul's era.

Silver Coinage

Coinage under Alexander witnessed changes in mintmaster initials, with AI (Alexander Ivanov) and FG (Fedor Helman). 

Mintmaster Changes

Regular coinage commenced in January 1802, introducing rubles, poltinas, quarter rubles, and grivenniks.


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