Charles II's 'Petition' Crown Reigns Supreme


pattern coin echoes the tumultuous post-English Civil War era, symbolizing the failed petition for Chief Engraver under King Charles II.

Magnificent Relic

Only seven reside in public institutions, making this auction's MS62 NGC-certified coin a numismatic treasure with unparalleled artistry and historical significance.

Artistry & Rarity

Cris Bierrenbach, EVP of International Numismatics at Heritage Auctions, describes the rarity and quality of the Charles II 'Petition' Crown as unparalleled.

Coveted Collector's Prize

A monumental find with just four in private hands, this coin, proposed by Sir John Evans, offers a unique glimpse into British Medieval history.

British Medieval Magic

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Regal Patterns Unveiled

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Wyon's Masterpiece

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Elusive Elegance

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