CIT Presents Legend of the Wild West


In 2024, CIT unveils the third installment in its Legends series—The Legend of the Wild West. Following the success of previous releases.


The obverse side of the coin intricately captures the essence of the Wild West. A stagecoach, driven by a "shotgun messenger," races through Monument Valley.


On the reverse side, three Wild West icons take center stage. Billy the Kid, flanked by Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok, creates a powerful tableau. 


Silver coin, each piece showcases the highest level of craftsmanship. Limited mintages enhance their exclusivity, making them a must-have for collectors.


The Cook Islands. 250 Dollars 2024. Gold .9999. 1 oz. 33 mm. Proof. Mintage figure: 199 pieces. Special technology: smartminting® (Ultra High Relief).


The Cook Islands. 20 Dollars 2024. Silver .9999. 3 oz. 45 mm. Proof. Mintage figure: 888 pieces. Special technology: Partial gilding, smartminting® (Ultra High Relief).


The Cook Islands. 5 Dollars 2024. Silver .9999. 1 oz. 38.61 mm. Proof. Mintage figure: 1500 pieces. Special technology: smartminting® (Ultra High Relief).


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