December Heritage Sale Of Top Coins


The 1815 Capped Bust quarter led Heritage's auction, selling for $126,000. Designed by John Reich, it marks the inception of his renowned design on quarters.


A 1927-S Saint-Gaudens double eagle, graded MS-64, fetched $108,000. Once rare due to international trade, these coins resurfaced post-World War II.


An 1853-D Liberty half eagle, graded MS-64+, set a record at $90,000. This Dahlonega Mint coin shares the title of finest certified with one other example.


A 1915-S Panama-Pacific round $50 coin, graded MS-63+, sold for $78,000. Known as the "King of the Pan-Pac Commemoratives," it's highly sought after.


An 1864-S $10, graded XF-40, closed at $57,600. With just 2,500 minted, it's the rarest S-Mint $10 and the second-rarest Liberty $10.


The 1838-C is a marquee issue, and the 1839-C, a one-year type, holds its own popularity. The 1842-C Small Date and Letters represent an intriguing change in design.

Charlotte Half Eagles

The Classic Head design (1834-1839) is featured on the 1838 and 1839 quarter eagles. The 1838-C, being scarcer, garners extra demand, particularly in AU grades.

Charlotte Quarter Eagles

Breakaway Empire Coins of the Gallic Emperors