Further Coins Found at Wiślica


A historic town dating to the 10th century, once the capital of the Duchy of Wiślica. Uncover its intricate street system and significant role in Polish history.

Historic Hub

Archeological remnants of Wiślica, including Hillforts "Hillfort" and "Regia," evidencing the town's resilience, sieges, and transformations over the centuries.


Political struggles and princely residences, showcasing the dynamic history of Wiślica from Władysław Łokietek to Kazimierz Sprawiedliwy.


Revisit the Wiślica Trove, where in the 1960s and 1970s, over 500 medieval coins were discovered. Recent findings in August unveil 12 silver coins.


From debasement to unique designs, his silver denars, minted in Cracow, reveal a captivating blend of art and economic strategy.


The denars of Władysław I Herman, featuring a head on the obverse and a stylized building with three towers on the reverse.


Thanks to technological advancements and the collaboration with the Świętokrzyska Exploration Group, Wiślica's history continues to unfold.


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