Mint Commemorates Black History with Silver Coin


In 1910, African American families sought refuge from segregation and violence, journeying to Northern Alberta.


Despite hardships, around 300 settlers, men, women, and children, shaped the Alberta wilderness. Their determination carved out a new life.


Launched during Black History Month, it pays homage to the pioneers who built one of Western Canada's earliest Black settlements.

Coin Unveiled

Historian Myrna Wisdom, co-founder of The Black Settlers of Alberta and Saskatchewan Historical Society.

Wisdom's Perspective

Marie Lemay, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint, highlights the Mint's pride in contributing to Canada's Black History Month.

Mint's Contribution

Artist Valentine De Landro's reverse design portrays the arrival of homesteader families in Pine Creek, Alberta, in 1909. The wagon train of settlers, log cabins.

Artistic Depiction

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Limited Edition

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