NGC-Certified Austrian Coin Set to Fetch Six Figures


The paramount highlight of the upcoming auction is a rare Austrian (1662-65) 20 Ducats, meticulously graded NGC MS 61 (lot 193).


Intriguingly, the auction extends beyond the Austrian centerpiece, featuring a diverse array of NGC-certified coins.

Exquisite Finds

Each coin carries a unique story, adding a layer of historical richness to this auction. The starting prices range from 50,000 CHF to 56,000 CHF.

Numismatic Brilliance

The auction also embraces international charm, featuring a Greece 1876A 50 Drachmai (lot 157), graded NGC MS 60, with a starting bid of 25,000 CHF (approximately $28,000).


The auction, designated as Auction 341, is already open for bids and is scheduled for a riveting culmination on December 13, 2023.


This auction not only presents rare opportunities for collectors but also provides a platform for enthusiasts to witness the convergence of history and art.

Rare Opportunities

In the pursuit of exceptional numismatic treasures, collectors and investors alike are invited to partake in the upcoming Hess Divo Auction.

Collectors' Pursuit

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