Stack’s Bowers HK Auction Crosses $21M Mark


Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio achieves another triumph with its October 2023 Hong Kong auction, surpassing $21.34 million.


Chinese Patterns steal the spotlight, featuring an exceedingly rare "Dragon & Phoenix" Gold Dollar Pattern, setting a record at $600,000.


Currency sales remain robust, totaling $3.29 million. A set of (4) People’s Bank of China 1953 10 Yuan steals the show at $432,000.


From 19th-century European Gothic Crown to 20th-century Chinese Patterns, each piece tells a unique story of history and art.


The auction, a blend of history and collector's passion, reinforces Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio's position as a leader in the global auction scene.

Memorable Sales

Shantung Gold 10 Dollars Pattern and "Reversed Dragon" Pattern Dollar follow closely, making waves in the numismatic world.

Patterns Showcase

Unearth cultural treasures spanning centuries, from Yuan Dynasty 2 Kuan (1264-1341) to modern era auto dollars.

Cultural Wealth

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