Top 7 Dogs with Beards

By: Sweety

The Schnauzer takes the lead with its distinct beard, giving it a wise and dignified appearance. This breed is not just stylish but also an excellent companion.


Meet the Tibetan Terrier, a breed known for its long, flowing beard that adds a touch of elegance. These dogs are not only beautiful but also full of warmth.

Tibetan Terrier

The Briard, with its bushy beard and gentle nature, is a delightful breed that forms strong bonds with its family, making it an excellent choice for companionship.


The majestic Irish Wolfhound, a large breed with a beard that adds to its regal appearance. With their size, they are gentle giants and wonderful companions.

Irish Wolfhound

The Bearded Collie, as the name suggests, comes with a charming beard that complements its playful and friendly personality. This breed is perfect for families.

Bearded Collie

Portuguese Water Dogs not only have a beard but are also known for their intelligence and love for water. A great choice for active families seeking a furry friend.

Portuguese Water Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier may be small, but its tiny beard adds to its adorable charm. These little companions are perfect for those with limited space.

Yorkshire Terrier

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