Top Rarity Of 1894 French Gold Coin


Marvel at the elegance of the Genie series with a Prooflike MS64 1894 100 Francs from the coveted KJR Collection. 

Genie Series

Focusing on France's 100 Francs and Monaco's treasures. Witness the commitment to historical value and beauty in numismatics.

KJR Collection

The rarity of a Republic gold 100 Soles 1958 MS65 NGC, Lima mint, from the VMF Collection. With just eight examples known.

Peruvian Rarity

Unearth the richness of ancient coins, from a Lydian Kingdom AV stater to a Marc Antony aureus featuring Octavia. Each coin tells a story.

Ancient Marvels

The beauty of Sicily through a rare Syracuse AR decadrachm from the Time of Dionysius I. The finely crafted coin, with its racing quadriga.

Sicilian Beauty

The rarity of a 1826 Concordiataler and the stylistic Silver 2 Para of Moldavia & Wallachia. European treasures with limited appearances.

European Gems

The rarity of a British Mandate Proof 100 Mils 1931 PR63 PCGS, a holy grail in Palestinian series. Encountering this Proof rarity is a numismatic journey seldom experienced.

Palestinian Rarity

Feature Auction Doubles Estimate at $4.4 million