U.S. Mint Announces Harriet Tubman Designs


Admire the powerful depiction of Harriet Tubman on the $5 gold coin's obverse, capturing her post-Civil War years. Designed by Chris Costello and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

Visionary Gaze 

Turn the page to witness the reverse of the $5 gold coin. Crafted by Ben Sowards and sculpted by Eric David Custer, it portrays two arms clasped.

Compassionate Connection

Designed by Beth Zaiken and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. It features Tubman extending her hand, challenging viewers to grasp the opportunity for freedom.

Emancipatory Offering

Beth Zaiken's design, sculpted by Craig A. Campbell, incorporates the Big Dipper pointing to the North Star.

Bridging Freedom

Designed by Don Everhart and sculpted by Renata Gordon, it showcases Tubman leading the Combahee River Raid during the Civil War.

Revolutionary Leadership

Turn to the reverse of the half dollar coin, designed by Tom Hipschen and sculpted by John P. McGraw.

Spyglass Legacy 

Celebrate the life and legacy of this extraordinary woman as the U.S. Mint honors her impact on history.

Celebrating Greatness

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