Unicorns Spotted on Coins


Heroes and Creatures of Mythology." The enchanting journey begins with the majestic unicorn, captivating imaginations young and old.


The rich symbolism behind the unicorn, a creature often depicted as a symbol of purity and gentleness, yet possessing great power.


Travel back to 400 B.C., as Greek historian Ctesias provides one of the earliest descriptions of the unicorn. Uncover the unicorn's mythical presence.


The intriguing belief that drinking from a unicorn horn could ward off poisons. In the Middle Ages, cups made from these magical horns were highly sought after.

Myths & Legends

The artistic brilliance of Susa Monteiro as she brings the unicorn to life amidst the branches of a pomegranate tree. 

Pomegranate Artistry

These coins showcase the unicorn lying among the branches, making them as elusive and enchanting as the mythical creature itself.


Secure your piece of enchantment as these coins, as swift as the unicorn, fly off the shelves. With the unicorn concealed among the branches.


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