US & UK Unite for 2024 Liberty & Britannia Program


Chief Engravers Joseph Menna and Gordon Summers bring forth Liberty and Britannia, two iconic symbols, harmoniously depicted in stoic profile portraits.


Symbol of Britain wielding a trident and donning a Corinthian helmet. Their allegorical presence captures the essence of two nations.

Symbolic Figures

Chief Engravers join forces to create a design that celebrates the shared values and ideals between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Groundbreaking Partnership

The stoic profile portraits carry elements reminiscent of playing cards, creating a visually striking representation.

Collectible Excellence

This numismatic history-making reverse design opens new avenues for international customers, offering a stunning collectible and an investment opportunity.

Director's Perspective

The Royal Mint, shares delight in the collaboration.  The Royal Mint's growing prominence in the U.S. aligns with global customer needs.

International Embrace

Collectors worldwide can anticipate unique numismatic offerings, including commemorative and bullion coins.

Future Collectibles

Royal Mint Announces 2024 Commemoratives