1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Takes Flight


This exquisite piece, tied for the finest known, is set to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike at the Heritage Auctions.

Numismatic Marvel

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Unravel the Rich history of the 1907 Ultra High Relief double eagle, from its first public offering in 1920 to its ownership by renowned collectors like Louis E. Eliasberg.

Historical Odyssey

With a record-winning bid of $2.88 million in its last appearance, this coin stands as a testament to rarity and desirability.

1829 Capped Head

Just like the 1907 Ultra High Relief double eagle, this coin is a pinnacle of rarity and holds historical significance.

1828/7 Half Eagle

Only one of three early eagles certified MS-66, this coin reflects the mastery of design and the scarcity that collectors cherish.

Large Obverse Stars

Journey through a diverse array of rare coins, from the 1798 Small Eagle $5 to the 1907 Eagle Rolled Rim MS-64 PCGS, CAC, and the 1863 $3 PF-67+ Deep Cameo.

Rarity Showcase

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