Major Error Discovered on Kanaka‘ole Quarter


A major clashed die variety has surfaced on the 2023-P Edith Kanaka‘ole American Women Program quarter.

Clashed Beauty

The bold, block-style lettering of "EDITH" appears remarkably distinct due to the clash. With the clash seemingly forming the letters, particularly the standout "T,"

EDITH Elegance

The clash, reading left to right behind Washington's ear, owes its strength to the coin being struck in "coin alignment."

Coin Alignment Marvel

Examining both obverse and reverse, arrows highlight various clash points, revealing the extent of this numismatic marvel.

Detailed Clash Points

Though narrowly missed being featured in the Cherrypickers’ Guide, this variety's potential recognition in future editions could elevate its status.

Missed CPG Inclusion

As it finds its place in the next edition of Strike It Rich With Pocket Change, anticipation builds around its potential value and recognition.

Future Collector's Delight

The historical significance, Edith Kanaka‘ole, an indigenous Hawaiian luminary, contributed immensely to preserving Hawaiian culture


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