Bulgaria's Euro Transition Set for Jan 2025


Bulgaria, a NATO and EU member, has set a new goal—adopting the euro by Jan. 1, 2025. The lev's fixed exchange rate to the euro, 1.95583, fuels Bulgaria's economic shift.


Bulgaria eyes the euro for enhanced investment and credit security. Originally targeting 2024, political shifts led to the revised date.

Investment Boost

Widespread corruption and public concerns about inflated prices initially hindered Bulgaria's eurozone entry. 


Pro-Russian sentiments clash with Euro integration. The Revival party organized anti-euro protests, advocating Bulgaria's NATO exit.

Political Dynamics

Concerns about Russian influence persist, but Finance Minister Vassilev dismisses propaganda. Pro-euro sentiments rise, recognizing benefits.

Public Perception

Bulgaria's lev joined ERM II in 2020, a crucial step towards euro adoption. To qualify, Bulgaria must maintain stability for two years. 

ERM II Milestone

The Madara Rider, St. John of Rila, and Paisius of Hilendar feature on low denomination coins, symbolizing Bulgaria's rich history. 


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