Charles II ‘Petition’ Crown Sets Record at $960,000


The Charles II silver Pattern “Petition” Crown from 1663 achieved an extraordinary $960,000, smashing records and becoming the highest-paid British silver coin ever.

Auction Triumph

Henry III’s gold Penny of 20 Pence from c. 1257 closed at a remarkable $504,000, with its rare status as one of four private examples.

Numismatic Brilliance

Anne’s gold 5 Guineas from 1706 astounded with a winning bid of $408,000, doubling its pre-auction estimate. As the finest pre-Union issue.

Regal Rarity

A Carol I gold Proof Pattern 20 Lei from 1868 surpassed expectations, fetching $336,000—a new world record. 

Eastern European Marvel

Nicholas II’s gold Specimen 1/2 Imperial of 5 Roubles from 1895 achieved $264,000, showcasing its rarity and historical importance in the later Russian imperial series.

Imperial Elegance

Victoria’s gold Proof Pattern Crown (5 Shillings) from 1887 equaled the $264,000 mark. Its distinctive three-quarters facing bust makes it a standout.

Victorian Grandeur

Consistently outshining even UK-based firms. The combined total of $15,984,513 reinforces Heritage as a global leader in numismatic events.

Auction Highlights

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