Chinese Rarities at Heritage's HKINF World Coins Auction


From Ancient China to the Qing, Republic, and People’s Republic eras, this auction promises to be a numismatic spectacle.


 Exceptional lots, including a Qing Dynasty Wen Zong Trial Piece 20 Cash, showcase the richness of Ancient Chinese coinage.


A Substantial Jin Dynasty 49-1/4 Tael Sycee adds grandeur to any collection, emphasizing the historical and artistic significance of these unique pieces.


These coins, intricately designed and meticulously preserved, symbolize power, luck, and prosperity, making them coveted additions to any collector's trove.


Behold the magnificence of the Hsüan-t’ung silver Specimen Pattern “Long-Whiskered Dragon” Dollar Year 3 (1911) SP64+ NGC. This numismatic marvel.

Dragon Marvel

A Republic Yuan Shih-kai silver Pattern Dollar Year 3 (1914) MS64 NGC from the Rulin Wei Collection exemplifies rarity and historical importance.

Yuan Shih-kai Rarity

From a Rama V 6-Piece Uncertified "Bullet" Presentation Set to iconic Victoria Gold Proof "Una and the Lion," explore global numismatic gems.

Global Gems

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