Minor Doubled Cent Sells for Record $21,811


A minor 1972 Doubled Die Obverse #4 Lincoln cent, graded PCGS MS-66 RD, recently set a new record by selling for $21,811.50. 


The recent auction at GreatCollections witnessed a staggering leap in its value, reaching $21,811.50 in the last few seconds.


The seemingly astronomical price can be attributed to the rarity of this specific 1972 doubled die cent.


Die #4 stands out among the 1972 doubled die cents due to its counter-clockwise doubling on key elements like "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "LIBERTY.


Experts, including Brian Allen and Billy Crawford, emphasize its rarity, with some having seen only a few specimens in their entire careers


The challenge of distinguishing it from similar varieties adds to the intrigue for both collectors and experts.

Expert Insights

The recent sale of the 1972 Doubled Die Cent #4 has left a lasting impact on the market, challenging preconceived notions of its value.

Market Impact

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