Record-Breaking Auction $2.32M Triumph


The highlights from Stephen Album Rare Coins' Auction 47, where fervent bidding soared past expectations, culminating in a remarkable $2.32 million.


Featuring Yuan Shih Kai in military attire, this PCGS graded MS64 coin, with a lovely rainbow-toned example, commanded an impressive $66,000.

Yuan Shih Kai

The original strike, coupled with its attractive proof example and deep toning, led to a noteworthy sale of $31,200.

Gobrecht Dollar

This very rare medal, with attractive steel gray toning, achieved a remarkable $21,600, demonstrating its appeal among collectors.

Chang Hsi-luan

Admire the mint state marvel of LOT 1233, an AR 2 leva from Bulgaria's Ferdinand I. Struck at the Kremnitz mint, this attractive example.

Ferdinand I

Journey through the regality of LOT 975 and LOT 980, showcasing British India's Queen Victoria and Empress Victoria respectively. 

Empress Victoria

Step into the ancient world with LOT 42, an AR shekel from Phoenicia's Tyre. Dated back to year 12 (115/4 BC), this superb specimen.

Ancient Marvel

Unicorns Spotted on Coins