Top Artistry Riopelle's $2 Coin


The $2 coin captures a mesmerizing snippet of his acclaimed masterpiece, L’Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg.


From surrealism to lyrical abstractionism, his legacy is celebrated in the $2 coin, a testament to his artistic prowess.


Quebec's Révolution Tranquille and his contributions to international art. His influence transcended boundaries, shaping 19th and 20th-century movements.


Riopelle's connection to nature is palpable in his artwork, a recurring theme in the $2 coin. The rich tapestry of his creations that draw inspiration from the natural world.

Nature's Essence

Two million colored coins add vibrancy to Riopelle's vision. Available from October 3, 2023, it's a rare artistic gem in circulation.


The world of collectibles with special wrap rolls and a 1 oz. pure gold version of Riopelle's $2 coin. These exclusive pieces.

Collector's Edition

Join the global celebration of Jean Paul Riopelle with collector keepsake sets. Order these exclusive pieces to own a slice of artistic history.

Global Tribute

Top Rarity Of 1894 French Gold Coin