Top Selling Harriet Tubman Coins


In a surprising turn, the 2024-P Proof Harriet Tubman Silver Dollar took the lead in U.S. Mint sales, with a notable increase of 1,405 units, reaching a total of 9,963.

Week's Highlight

Four Harriet Tubman coins, along with a three-coin proof set, secured positions in the U.S. Mint's top-ten sales list.

Ten Contenders

The 2024-P Proof Harriet Tubman Silver Dollar emerges as the week's champion, surpassing its previous sales figures by 1,405 units.

Silver Dollar Reigns

The rankings and gain insights into the performance of various coins, including the Harriet Tubman series.

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The trends and shifts in sales, with 51 products outperforming their previous week's figures. Gain insights into the dynamics of the coin market.

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US Mint's sales report offers insights into the evolving market for numismatic products. Harriet Tubman coins, in particular, demonstrate enduring popularity among collectors.

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