U.S. Mint's 2023 Coin Production Insights


U.S. Mint's 2023 coin production hit 11.38 billion, a 16.4% drop from 2022, marking the lowest output since 2012.

Output Overview

Analyze the 2023 coin production by denomination, showcasing substantial decreases in cents, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Yearly Breakdown

The role of Philadelphia and Denver facilities in producing 5,731,670,000 and 5,650,000,000 coins, respectively.

Minting Facilities

The U.S. Mint reported a 16.4% decrease in coin production in 2023 compared to 2022, hitting its lowest output since 2012.


In 2023, over 4.5 billion cents were struck, the lowest in over a decade. This challenges the efficiency and relevance of producing low-value coins.

Cents Dilemma

Unexpectedly, The Kennedy half dollar saw a surge in production in 2023, reaching 58 million coins, the highest since 1983.

Half Dollar Resurgence

This steady output suggests a reliable demand for this denomination, providing insights into specific coin preferences.

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